Qatar IT is a professional web design and development company operating with high level of expertise in designing websites to help reach your goals. We aim to offer custom websites that will result to actual sales and growth for your business.Every company has a unique point of view and needs for their websites. We balance these business needs and aesthetics by utilizing different innovations in designing and developing sites. We create strategies and plans that will enable you to follow the creative and technical process to fit your exacting design need.

  • Analysis of client requirements, taking note of the product and business perspectives.
  • Establish a design and technical strategy and offer solutions.
  • Structure the framework of the website and the accompanying interface.
  • Once the design and structure was approved, it we convert them into XHTML/CSS.
  • All elements of the site are developed together such as CMS, Shopping Carts, and Modules etc.
  • The website goes through extensive testing in various browsers and environments.
  • After much deliberation and updates, the site is launched live for the public to see.

Our company offers a wide range of design services in conjunction to the graphic design expertise of our team. Aside from HTML, we help in creating compatible mobile websites that will be most efficient for smart phone and tablet users. Our services also range from business sites, CMS sites and e-commerce sites/pages. No matter how simple or complex the task is, we aim to offer great value to our customer’s needs. We come up with individual designs from scratch so that it becomes compatible to the needs of the website and the products it will be offering.

Our web application development services provide total flexibility. While we provide you with an exhaustive and comprehensive analysis of your business requirements, we develop features in accordance with your business needs. We implement the latest technology to provide solutions that generate enhanced business value with minimum maintenance.

If you are interested with our web design and development services, you can first check our extensive portfolio that covers both design and development services. Contact one of our representatives to get more acquainted about the company and our services. We will help you in achieving your goals and prepare you in the competitive web environment.It is important that your website be user-friendly as well as visually appealing, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your visitors enjoy a positive web surfing experience - again and again.

Some of the deliverables

  • Fast-loading pages and graphics
  • Consistent design, colors and fonts
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Logical information architecture
  • Search engine-friendliness
  • Cross-browsers compatibility
  • Mobile devices compatibility with Responsive Web Design


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